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"If we know the art of spiritual dowsing, easily and consciously 
we can unite the physical and the nonphysical dimensions."   

~Jerry L. Bedlington, Master Angel Communicator & the "Technology of Etheric Energy"


Angel Touch Gold Orb Pendulum

Dowsing to Communicate with the Spiritual Field
is Called Divining


In the physical sense, “dowsing” is the act of observing the movements of the pendulum to interpret answers to questions that we ask. Dowsing can be described as the ability to obtain information through a faculty that extends beyond the ordinary five senses.


In the nonphysical sense you can employ spiritual dowsing or “divining," an effective and efficient way for your angelic allies to make themselves known. When angels communicate it is very subtle and quite hard to hear. The pendulum is an excellent tool to finding out answers that may well not be gotten by any other source or means. 


There are all kinds of speculation as to how the pendulum moves but the reality is that one of your Guardian Angels is connecting with it energetically to help you.


Dowsers use pendulums as portals to information in the etheric field. They don’t understand why it works. They will call it “the dowsing mind,” “the contract,” etc. Their perspective is simply from the earth mind. 


What they don’t understand is that the pendulum is controlled by the etheric energy of the angelic light beings.


Angels and divining are very much connected in that angels move pendulums by controlling the body’s muscle and nerve system, plus grabbing the auric field of the pendulum. The angels are moving the pendulum by moving its energy field.


The angelic presence is downloading information through your physical body to the pendulum. Thus your physical body is being used as a dowsing rod for the etheric field. 

Angelsong Gold Orb Pendulum


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