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Pranic Healer

Pranic Healer

The Pranic Healer is one of the most effective Gold Orbs for communicating with the etheric field as it is bi-directional.

The Pranic Healer has bi-directional movement for releasing and for attracting. It is pre-programmed to move counter-clockwise to release negative energy (pain, trauma etc.) and to move clockwise to call in positive angelic light being healing energy.

Based on Sacred Geometry, the shape of the stem gives it a high divining sensitivity as it radiates the frequency of Gold. The surface area of a Gold Orb is very important.

The Pranic Healer has three rings that act like batteries amplifying the energy along its shaft. Due to the three rings on the surface, the total area is far greater than when there is a smooth shaft. While the shaft is not large, the rings create more square-inch per surface area, making it easier for the angels to grab it and move it to respond to your requests from the auric field.

The Pranic Healer is also a powerful therapeutic pendulum; its dish has a lot of surface area and can be used to hold essential oils, tinctures and herbs.
  • Details

    1.7” Long
    Brass with 18k Gold Plating
    Requires Self-clearing
    Includes Eco-friendly Protective Carrying Pouch
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