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Dream Spiral

Dream Spiral

Due to its counterclockwise spiral design, the Dream Spiral concentrates and spirals energy to activate manifestation requests and make your dreams come true. 

The Dream Spiral Gold Orb™ pendulum is an advanced, specific-use Golden Orb. Its spiral, conical shape makes it capable of discovering, and focusing energy on the tiniest vibrations, making the Dream Spiral Gold Orb an indispensable tool for manifestation.

The Dream Spiral is very precise due to the number of spirals. Its counter-clockwise spiral creates a vortex which is able to amplify any type of energy. This is especially powerful in activation of holograms for manifesting requests.

One of the characteristics of the Dream Spiral is that it spirals infinitesimally smaller and breaks the plane of the third dimension, entering into a dimension of frequencies that are at the speed of light and beyond. In spite of its length, it is surprisingly light, with steady well-balanced rotations.
  • Details

    2.5” Long
    Brass with 18k Gold Plating
    Requires Clearing
    Includes Eco-friendly Protective Carrying Pouch
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