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Archangel Shield

Archangel Shield

Designed in relation to sacred geometry, the Archangel Shield Gold Orb™ is designed to put out an auric field that the angels may grab a hold of. This (larger) energy field makes the Archangel fast and responsive!

The Archangel Shield embodies Yang energy, meaning it is more assertive, hard, angular, “weighty,” bold and masculine. It is the only Gold Orb known for combining protective abilities with communication properties.

With high emissions of Gold frequency incorporated with the power of sacred geometry, the Archangel Shield is the outstanding choice for Angel Team Healing coordinators. Sacred geometry is the contemplation and utilization of the archetypal geometric patterns of nature for the purposes of spiritual communion and healing, making a powerful etheric field communication tool.

The Archangel Shield is based on the “Atlantis Ring,” a symbol of protection that is carved around it. This symbol is based on the Golden Mean, one of the principles of Sacred Geometry. The Golden Mean is a mathematical concept which expresses the relationship of two parts of a whole with each other and with the whole.

The “Atlantis Ring” has a design that includes small pyramids, triangles and lines through the converging energy of its shapes. This helps to create a strong aura of balance for the person wearing it. The “Atlantis Ring” was constructed thousands of years ago and was discovered in 1860. It's been said that a famous radiesthesist, Arnold de Belizal, investigated and found that this ring's geometric shapes create a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He found that its electromagnetic waves prevent the alteration of energy patterns, resulting in a protective shield for whoever wears it. It also increases the ability to tap into one's intuitive powers, the subconscious and our soul.

To obtain the proper vibration from every part of it, the Archangel Shield Gold Orb™ pendulum is hand-finished, then 18-karat gold plated.
  • Details

    1.5” Long
    Hand-finish of Brass with 18k Gold Plating
    Includes Eco-friendly Protective Carrying Pouch
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