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The Angelsong embodies receptive, spherical, soft, and hidden feminine Yin energy. It is fondly referred to as “the singer” because its smooth rapid vibration “sings” to make beautiful music for its users.

The Angelsong Gold Orb makes an excellent connection with etheric light beings to physically download information to you from the etheric field.

Small, fast and light, the Angelsong has far greater square-inch surface area creating a field of greater reception than all other Gold Orbs except the Angel Wings. The Angelsong is based on the concept of “pyramid power” embraced by strengthening rings. The angelic light beings can easily cross from the either field to grab ahold of it on the inverted cone shaped pyramid.

There are qualities inherent in a pyramid shape that creates a powerful energetic system. A pyramid has the strongest etheric-field energy; therefore the conical pyramid brings in the etheric field energy and focuses it inside the pyramid itself. When you divine with a pyramid, it uses your energy to focus outward. You are like a battery to it; you are the power source, activating its sacred geometry.

Because the conical pyramid has an infinite amount of sides, the Angelsong always has a perfect north-south orientation.
  • Details

    1” Long
    Brass with 18k Gold Plating
    Includes Eco-friendly Protective Carrying Pouch.
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