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Angel Wings

Angel Wings

The Angel Wing Gold Orb pendulum does everything every other Gold Orb does, including the protection of the Archangel Shield, while providing a superior field for the angels to grab ahold of.

The Angel Wings pendulum is the Archangel Shield on steroids. At the core of the Angel Wings is a Golden Mean that has aerodynamically designed angel wings attached. The wings have so much square-inch surface area that they emanate a field (like an auric field) that is the frequency the angels.

The Angel Wings Gold Orb™ pendulum is all hand-crafted and then 18-karat gold-plated! It is truly a collector’s item.
  • Details

    1.5 “ Long x 2” Wide
    Brass with 18k Gold Plating
    Includes Eco-friendly Protective Carrying Pouch
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