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Angel Touch

Angel Touch

Due to its expansive surface area, the Angel Touch Gold Orb is an effective communication tool, eliciting a good response, even in the hands of inexperienced etheric field communicators. 

The Angel Touch is the most basic and affordable of all the Gold Orbs, and is a good “starter” pendulum for anyone.

The Angel Touch brings you into a harmonious or responsive relationship with angelic light beings by attuning your energy and raising your vibration to connect with the angels. This particular pendulum is also a receiver as well as a sender/transmitter of various vibrations.

The Angel Touch has four rings that act like batteries amplifying the energy along its shaft. Based on Sacred Geometry, the shape of the shaft gives it a high divining sensitivity as it radiates the frequency of Gold.

Everything emanates from the auric field. The surface area of a Gold Orb pendulum is very important. When there are rings on the surface area, the area is far greater than when there is a smooth shaft.

While the shaft is not large, the four rings create more square inch surface area, making it easier for the angels to grab it and move it to respond to your requests.
  • Details

    1.8” Long
    Brass with 18k gold plating
    Includes eco-friendly carrying pouch
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