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Where Spirit and Science Merge--Gold Orb™ Etheric Energy Tools

Gold Orb™ pendulums are etheric energy tools meticulously designed and fabricated to facilitate communication between the physical plane and the etheric field.


The unique shapes of the Gold Orb pendulums reflect sacred geometry, creating a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations; and are plated with 18-karat physical gold to radiate the higher harmonic of gold, the highest vibration known.

Inception Gold Orb Pendulum
  • Made of 18-karat gold-plated brass--a material more neutral than wood or glass or crystal; Gold Orb pendulums are designed to interface with the celestial realms and other sentient beings, creating healing tools of extraordinary Light and consciousness. 


  • We offer eight different Gold Orbs, uniquely reflecting specific needs (such as healing, protection, interfacing with etheric field support), as well as accommodating varying budgets. 

  • Each Gold Orb has varying characteristics and will respond differently according to its shape, design and specific energies. These pendulums are not traditional divining tools, rather they are facilitators of angelic healing, hence they move  energy out and then in as needed. 

  • Before delivery, each Gold Orb is synched to its owner—individually blessed and activated by Jerry Bedlington’s Angel Teams to create an energy field unique to your Gold Orb. Your Gold Orb is registered to you and continuously re-activated with the Angel Teams.

How to Choose a Gold Orb. We recommend a simple rule of thumb—whatever works for you is the best for you—as after all results are what count. It may be that you resonate with a Gold Orb in a specific shape or form, one that is well-balanced for a smooth action, or one that is “ringed” to amplify energy movement. 


About “Self-Clearing” Gold Orbs. Six of our Gold Orbs are self-clearing of any emotional energy, while two types of Gold Orbs (the Crystal Chamber and Dream Spiral) can retain memory what you were last working on.) Thus, you must clear these two orbs after every use, and check them periodically during a session to see if they are holding energy that needs to be released. 


Protecting your Gold Orb. We believe every Gold Orb deserves protection. So the purchase price includes a beautiful protective carrying pouch.

Inception Gold Orb Pendulum

Gold Orb pendulums are the brainchild of Jerry L. Bedlington, master angel communicator, teacher of the technology of etheric energy, dowser, and FAA-rated power-plant and air-frame mechanic with a degree in aviation. To learn more about  Jerry and his journey, click here.



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